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Location: Ramat Aviv Mall, Israel
Photography by: Gideon Levin

Our concept for the design of the space is based on  the world of glasses meeting the future.
It was accompanied by the series "Westworld",  where the future world meets the fantasy of the past, the tension between the worlds in the series gave rise to the design of the i-optic eyewear network concept store
A fantasy combination presented by LED screens wrapping the ceiling and sliding into the wall telling us moments that move us to another dimension, and also allows to create a dynamic space that changes, depending on the nature of the screening.

The walls were covered with industrial materials and nanotechnologists, with iron facing FENIX cladding and iron shelves in front of light boxes
The contrast we created between black and white in the space, creates tension and a wink for the future.
The store creates a new, contemporary dimension to the shopping experience. 

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