Design story

Location: 29 Rebellion Street, Tel Aviv
Photography by: Gideon Levin


In this project, we designed a concept store for the brand Unidress.

Unidress brand specializes in professional dressing and provides unique solutions to institutional clients. The store's main customers are employees of different companies  which requires specific outfit, and not bystanders.
These customers are allegedly captive customers, because they reach measurements and once again collect their designated uniform.
The network owner's' desire, was to open those customers eyes to more options the brand offers,  and show them that they can also find leisure clothing, such as: models for hiking enthusiasts, aprons for cooking enthusiasts, coats for skiing enthusiasts and more. Another desire, not less important, was to reach casual customers by inviting them to enter the store and discover the variety and quality that the brand has to offer. 

Our design challenge was to make it happen. We realized that the existing visibility transmitted a wholesome and non-inviting character and here we knew exactly what needed to be done- give a professional answer to specialize in uniform in the appearance of a fashionable and welcoming shop. We started by making a custom made, clothing display that is more inviting and presents combinations, the display units have been specially tailored to sales needs and integrated into the architecture space.
The use of materials that sell to customers and have been expressed in space designs, such as exposed iron pipes, which we made of fittings, exposed concrete slabs that left the connections visible for industrial appearance, knitted tin panels are integrated as an island on the floor.
Checkout counter that serves as a major island for display, sale and direct contact with invited and casual customers.
 At the end of the store space, we placed a locker unit not to display these clothes that would serve customers with the uniforms and shoes that they ordered after the measurement process.
The customer receives a message from the store that his order is ready and is waiting in booth number 12 for collection.
The customer comes to the store and in order to receive his order we made him cross the sales floor to collect the order and the way to expose it to other products.
The customer experience has changed completely, from a wholesale experience to a personal and up-to-date experience.