Design story

NORDAU Fit House

Design story

NORDAU Fit House 

Location | Tel- Aviv, Nordau st.

In this project, we were asked to plan and design  a fitness center, in an existing building in the center of Tel Aviv, which used to be a Synagogue. Our design concept refers to the designation of the building in the past and its area - a historic heart  of Tel Aviv,, as a guiding principle for our new design.

In his speech, at the Second Zionist Congress, Max Nordau talked about the need for the design of a new type of mentally and physically powerful Jew who is able to fulfill the goals of Zionism. The term refers to the cultivation of mental and physical qualities, such as strength and physical strength, agility and discipline, which are necessary for the national resurrection of the people. The qualities of the Jews of Muscle are the complete, antithesis of the diasporic Jew, especially in Eastern Europe, as presented in the anti-Semitic literature.

"We will renew, where, the connection with our ancient traditions: we will again be deep-skinned men, limbs, gaze" (Max Nordau, 1902)

So, they wished to present the jew as a strong man, with deep chest, tension muscles and a strong gaze.

Our design principles were based on: 
Values: Power, help trainees find the power inside by connecting the heroic stories, symbols and biblical characters leading through 12-tribal ceiling paintings
Worship: Empower the worship of the body (and increase the place) by using mirrors
Empower the coach image as a kind of "guru" for body and mind affairs standing on the stage

Membership: Empowering social connections as a way to strengthen will and perseverance
Faith: We strengthen the (amusing) connection between belief in willpower and belief in supreme power
Validity: We will return the values ​​to the body workout - not just superficial muscle mass,
But a lifestyle to strengthen the body and mind
Our Concept:

Empowering the sanctity of fitness by distinctive elements from the synagogues,to bring the biblical tradition into expression now by choosing innovative materials with the application of then.
The Synagogue Space Hierarchy will serve space architecture as:
Holy Ark Stage = Trainer Stage
Men / Women Help = Wardrobes .........
Cantor's booth = receipt and registration (the receptionist will call the sun)

The Elements of synagogue will be transferred from traditional elements to modern expression: highlight the ceiling and the elements in the ceiling, Lighted and dramatic a as in signage.
Outdoor Care: Climbs vegetation to cover the changing stone at the front and graffiti paintings to combine the urban contemporary culture with the building and its history.



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