Maniv | Capital Fund Offices

Design story

Location | Sharona neighborhood Tel Aviv
Photography by: Gideon Levin


The project was designed in collaboration with the Architect Anna Goldberg.

The offices are located in a Templar neighborhood in the heart of the big volume- Tel Aviv. This neighborhood was built as a classic Templar- style residential neighborhood in southern Germany style, meaning one-story basement homes and attics that are typical to the last century. These buildings were defined by the Tel Aviv municipality as structures for preservation.
The client- an investment fund, is developing technology for the autonomous vehicle world and investing in extensive startups in the field. The foundation chose the Sharona neighborhood due to its unique quality, that combines old and new within it- which contributes greatly to the statement that the company wants to broadcast: stability with emphasis on contemporary.
The Foundation's representatives defined the organizational structure's program with emphasis on the complementary experience of the structure for conservation with contemporary touches. The automotive field is years old compared to the emerging technology in the future.
The challenge we faced was to pour the company's content into a given structure with strict preservation settings, with the planning approach different than usual - from the micro to the macro
Thinking about details, highlighting existing elements and preserving existing ones with contemporary touches.
In response to the client's requirement to design a conference room and event space, it was decided to incorporate a modular iron partition that is used daily as a two-sided writing board and enhances a resilient solution for expanding a large conference space into multi-participant events and meetings.
The work process was to layout the color palette, elements and decorations in the space and translate them into an innovative and complementary design language to create an overall experience. The selected palette was characterized by dark colors (blue / dark gray) to emphasize the existing elements and to create the contrast between the exterior and the interior.
The reception area is characterized by a concrete floor decorated with blue-colored graphical elements that dictated the shades of the mantle walls, the reception desk was designed for the space with rounded lines reminiscent of the automotive world.
The conference room is characterized by an art deco-shaped concrete floor in mustard and black tones, we have translated the colors and simplified the lines and created a modern storage system that corresponds with the space. The conference table has been designed from bent iron bars designed by contemporary technology combined with marble surfaces and brass touches.
A red-colored iron frame was incorporated into a given doorway, creating a refreshing tension in the connection between the reception and conference rooms
The 2nd floor office ceiling was combined with OSB boards and natural beam timber. We chose to emphasize the height of the ceiling and the construction and the beams were painted black on OSB painted in white. The walls match the chosen brass of the deep blue shades, creating a tension between the elements for preservation, the murals and dividing the wall shades, highlighting the ceiling height.
We added furniture details using geometric print textiles to connect existing elements for preservation (tiles, paintings, etc.)
The design challenge was to find the right balance between the elements of preservation and the new items that were designed or purchased to create a harmonious and meticulous space, while maximally responding to the company's program.

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