Design story

The project has its departure from the new eyewear brand- Kreuzberg Kinder. 

The brand has a unique design concept, which matches customers character and particular lifestyle.

"The brand name is the same as my neighborhood.

a neighborhood welcome all kind of people,

without boundaries, without difference. just like Kreuzberg eyewear", says  Gili Shani, one of the brand's founding partners.

As about the design influence, Gili says: "Our unique K is made with the spirit of the Graffiti. Symbolize the underground people, the

one you don’t see, but they color your life".

Kreuzberg’s motto is: "YOU, BUT SEXY."


Mickey Slonim were chosen  to design the brand’s home- their first store in Berlin. Our design approach in this project comes from the brand concept. The main guidelines of our design perception are:


- Creative | free of any design approach

- Unique   | One Off

- Kinetic   | work in progress 


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