Duke Optic's office

Dsign story

Location | Zionist Hachshara 23|Rishon Lezion
Photography by: Tal Harel


 The office design project we designed for the glasses brand: Duke-optics. The offices are located within an existing office building, in the industrial area of ​​Rishon Lezion. The space at our disposal is characterized by a clean line with a cast concrete ceiling, a windowsill and a patio in the heart of the space.
Duke are engaged in importing sunglasses and vision of the world's leading premium brands and marketing them to chains and stores throughout Israel and Europe.
When the client contacted our office, the desire was to create a work space that would look different and feel different, that would represent the variety of imported and exclusive brands, and transmit the energy of the company's owners and the uniqueness of the company. 

In the initial stage, we learned the business of the business and watched the conduct of the company owners. The next step was to formulate the concept that defines the essence of the company under the title DECORA- Japanese fashion style whose guidelines are:
* It's not anyone else's, it's mine

* Freedom of beauty

* Feeling fun and liberating
* The courage to dare
With the above guiding principles, we began the treatment of the given space and its design. First, we divided the space according to the work space program, conference room, open space with reception, storage area and free activity area for employee meetings.
We chose to use industrial materials from the world of construction such as building networks, iron profiles, exposed building bricks and each gave personal expression by color and / or combination with soft material and traditional technique. On the nets we embroidered in t-wires figures from the digital gaming world and examples of hearts reminiscent of tattoos. The traditional, iron profiles were painted in white to give them a softness and elegance, the concrete was decorated with yellow paint, the parquet boards from natural oak received a touch of yellow color, yellow is the company's logo shade and gave it a powerful expression to almost all the space.
The entrance space contains an entrance desk and open work area which form the core of the space and creats two axes which leads the employees to the personal workspace, the passages accompanied by a series of display elements, these elements are portable and due to this, the space can be dinamic and can change as needed for exhibitions taking place. In the office and conferences.
The success of the project for us,  is in the combination of the program, the design principles and the uniqueness of the space that expresses the idea of ​​the company.


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