Design story

Yam Suf, Isrotel​. Eilat, Israel

When we are challeging with space renewal design, the wisdom is to do the magic in a few touches, without disabling space for a long period, in particulary when we are dealing with hotels. After all our guests arrive only for a few days.
The planning process first began with an acquaintance tour with the hotel manager, who told us about the atmosphere that characterizes the hotel, the nature of the guests and the general atmosphere he wishes for the guests who come to practice.
To my delight, the gym is not located in a shelter or basement and that is a huge advantage. A large showcase that overlooks an inner courtyard, with fresh greenery that produces freshness, and illuminates the space. This allows a good start to produce an atmosphere of urban nature.
Urban Nature color paletts and BOHO materials:
Wood - We replaced the carpet from floor to wall
Plants - We decided to take the plants one step further. Dimensional increases give more expression to aquatic vegetation
Concrete - for the urban feel :)


Royal Garden, Isrotel​. Eilat, Israel

The Isrotel Hotels, recognized the trend and importance of maintaining a sporting lifestyle on vacation and on business trips, and chose to incorporate the trend in their hotels in Eilat.
The gyms underwent an "analysis" process to understand hotel guests' training needs and develop a unique design concept,that connects and comunicats wih the nature of the hotel.

There wew two main challenges I were facing at the beginning of the process:
1. The location of the gyms, most of them located on the 1st floor are closed and dark spaces.
2.The range of hotels is wide and each hotel has its unique language and character, which required a different design language for every space.

We have made every drawback an advantage and created a unique experience. We put green plants in every gym (putting a living spirit into the basement floor as a replacement for the window), original graphic materials prepared for each space that contributed greatly to telling the space story.
All equipment has been replaced with up-to-date and innovative equipment and adapted to the most advanced physical fitness trends in the world.



Kolnoa Peer Renovation, Tel Aviv

The renovation of a fitness center, located in a space  that used to be a cinema, in Tel Aviv- Kolnoa Peer.

The main design principles that guided us in this project were based on reference to the context of the space we are planning, its function in the past. Our goal was to make a connection, using designing elements and details, between the cinema that was previously in this space and the fitness space. our  approach were designing a set, a set for the trainers. This became a guiding principle for us throughout the project. This manifests itself, in creating a dramatic and nostalgic feeling, a return to the values ​​of yesteryear with a retro aroma.

Using colors that are associated with the sport’s world but with some changes, refining the blue tones we chose and using pink instead of a red color that is so classic in the sports spaces. We added lighting that reminds us of the world of cinema, touches of Art Deco and creating openness of space.

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